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Customer Engagement

20 Dec

Customer Engagement

strategy for engaging customersWe help retailers develop a  roadmap and strategy for engaging customers, building shopper loyalty and driving brand equity. Our areas of expertise include:

> Channel Strategy > Workforce Management
> Customer Experience Design > Store Operations
> Customer Engagement Roadmap > eCommerce Strategy
> Mobile Commerce Strategy

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The professionals at MNBEC help retail companies identify opportunities and deploy advances in their allocation management practices and organizations. Our objective is to drive turn and optimize margins of seasonal and fast-moving product.

Our Allocation Services include:

We help you define the best approach to allocating opportunity buys and managing the distribution of fashion product. This includes analysis of store grading, prioritization rules, forecasting, release logic and distribution capacity. We specialize in helping retailers improve their allocation processes and implement solutions as part of a total distribution strategy for engaging customers.

We help you establish a world-class organizational foundation that enables the efficient management of allocation and replenishment processes. Our expertise includes providing individual role definition and customized training services to ensure each member of your organization understands his or her role and how it integrates to the overall structure.

We help you prioritize the important functional needs of your business and evaluate competitive solutions in the marketplace to meet your needs. Based on years of experience designing, building and implementing forecasting, allocation and replenishment solutions, we make the process more efficient and better informed.Visit our supply chain visibility page for learning more about it.

We provide project management, business process consulting, application consulting and change management services to implement allocation software solutions. We have experience and skills in all of the major allocation software providers in the marketplace. Visit our Packaged Software Implementation services page to learn more.

We provide services to identify, prioritize and resolve inventory management challenges. Typical results include higher margins, increased operating efficiency, reduced inventory and improved forecast accuracy. Read more about our Replenishment and Allocation Tune-Up Services. Don’t forget to contact us to approach our strategy for engaging customers

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