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Size & Pack Optimization

20 Dec

Size & Pack Optimization

Size and Pack OptimizationWe help retailers create and execute strategies that allow them to meet the demand and merchandising needs related to Size and Pack Optimization. We have expertise in the following domains:

  • Size Profiling
  • Localized Assortment Planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Store Clustering
  • Case Pack Optimization
  • Allocation

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We help retailers develop the processes and solutions that improve bottom line performance by meeting the unique demands of all of their stores. This includes developing strategies for optimizing size profiles and ensuring that correct sizes of product are delivered to stores when they are needed. Our objective is to drive up sales by having the right sized products in the store when needed while driving down the cost of logistics by ensuring that case-pack sizes are optimized.

Our Size & Pack Optimization Services include:

Our team help you build the capabilities to define size/store/week demand profiles to ensure the right sized product is available at the right time. This includes helping you develop the processes and analytics to support accurate forecasting and improved decision making.

Professionals at MNBEC assist you in developing advanced store clustering to support purchasing according to demand profiles by size. This allows for more efficient analysis and buying while maintaining store-level forecast accuracy.

Team of professionals at MNBEC help you transform your buys into optimized pack-size decisions to ensure efficient logistics, timely replenishment and reduce excess costs. This includes translating merchandise purchases from the style level into optimized pack-level orders.

All of our team members provide expertise in assortment selection and optimization, including the ability to develop localized assortments at the lowest level. Visit our Merchandise & Assortment Planning services page to learn more.

You can get help to analyze product performance and strategic fit against business objectives to determine the right mix of merchandise for the business. We balance performance with brand, regional, pricing and other strategic targets to establish the optimal population of SKUs.

We can help you evaluate and select the right tools and software to support size and pack optimization. In addition, we help design (or redesign) the business processes that make for more effective buying. Visit our Promotions and Markdown Optimizaton services page to learn more.

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