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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

01 Feb
Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Root cause analysis (RCA) is an organized process for detecting “root causes” of problems or events and an approach for answering to them. RCA is based on the basic idea that effective management requires more than merely “putting out fires” for problems that develop, but finding a way to prevent them.


Problems may exist in business processes, truly speaking in each business operations and departments, and can damage overall organizational efficiency & business profitability. Management should identify these problems and take preventive actions to stay efficient and profitable.


Applying RCA

Examples of events where RCA is used to solve problems and provide preventive actions include:


  • Major accidents
  • Everyday incidents
  • Minor near-misses
  • Human errors
  • Maintenance problems
  • Medical mistakes
  • Productivity issues
  • Manufacturing mistakes
  • Environmental releases
  • Risk analysis, risk mapping




The primary goal of using RCA is to analyze problems or events to identify:


  • What happened
  • How it happened
  • Why it happened…so that
  • Actions for preventing reoccurrence are developed



Implementing RCA will help the organization:


  • Identify barriers and the causes of problems, so that permanent solutions can be found.
  • Develop a logical approach to problem-solving, using data that already exists in the organization.
  • Identify current and future needs for organizational improvement.
  • Establish repeatable, step-by-step processes, in which one process can confirm the results of another.


Basic methodology of RCA

Following are the generic step adopt to implement Root Cause Analysis across all sectors to identify problems and preventive actions.


  • Define the problem.
  • Gather information, data and evidence.
  • Identify all issues and events that contributed to the problem.
  • Determine root causes.
  • Identify recommendations for eliminating or mitigating the reoccurrence of problems or events.
  • Implement the identified solutions.


MNBEC offers training for large or small groups that walks participants through the RCA process step-by-step. If you would like to set up a training session, please go to Contact Us page and give us a call or send an email. Our team will promptly respond to your queries.

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