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Promotions & Markdown Optimization

We help retailers develop the capabilities to actively and effectively manage their promotions and markdowns to drive bottom line performance. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Analytics & Modeling
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Solution Selection
  • Inventory Management
  • Solution Implementation

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We believe the ability to effectively plan and manage your merchandise is more critical than ever. It is no longer sufficient to provide a high level number as guidance. The planning function is an integral part of buying, forecasting, managing and optimizing the flow of product. We can help you establish the proper foundation, organizational structure, processes and implement systems to position your business for success.

Our Merchandise and Assortment Planning Services include:

We evaluate your current capabilities, organization structure, timing, etc. against world-class capabilities. We help you analyze the gap between your current state and desired state and define a transition plan with specific business metrics that prioritizes change and aligns it with the overall business strategy.

Leveraging deep domain expertise, we define a process that aligns with local market and customer segment intelligence. We help you leverage product exposure thinking across channels and optimize your approach to bottom up assortment planning. We also provide an implementation approach and provide detailed training to planners.

We assist you in developing an optimized approach to markdowns across the business that improves margins and sell-through. We provide implementation services for the leading markdown optimization tools and change management services to help transition the business. Visit our Promotions & Markdown Optimization services page to learn more.

We provide experience and analytical tools to help you identify the right mix of product by category to support your merchandising strategy. Combined with category targets, this service optimizes the product you present to the consumer over time to maximize revenue and margins.

We help you prioritize the important functional needs of your business and evaluate competitive solutions in the marketplace to most closely meet your requirements. Based on years of experience designing, building and implementing planning solutions, we make the process more efficient and better informed. Visit our Packaged Software Selection services page to learn more.

We provide project management, business process consulting, application consulting and change management services to implement planning software solutions. We have experience and skills in all of the major planning software providers in the marketplace. Visit our Packaged Software Implementation services page to learn more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]