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20 Dec
Product Development Consulting Services

Product Development & Sourcing


product development consulting servicesWe provide product development consulting services and practical experience , sourcing and vendor collaboration. Our deep domain expertise will help you streamline your business processes, improve visibility and responsiveness to pre-production and production events, and reduce your overall development calendar. Our expertise includes:

> Product Development Strategy > Sourcing Process
> Sourcing Capabilities Assessment > Organization Design and Implementation
> Software Evaluation > Software Implementation

We have worked with some of the world’s leading retailers to improve their processes, design the organization and roles, implement change and deploy Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Contact us to learn more about our Product Development and Sourcing services and approach.



The professionals at MNBEC help retailers identify process improvement opportunities in their product development and sourcing practices. By implementing enhanced processes, we help you product development consulting services to increase margin, maximize brand profitability, and improve your product development and sourcing team’s speed and agility.

Our Product Development & Sourcing Services include:

Leveraging deep domain expertise, we evaluate your current processes, organization structure, timing, etc. against world-class capabilities. We help you analyze the gap between your current state and desired state and define a roadmap with specific business metrics that prioritizes change and aligns it with the overall business strategy.

Harnessing broad and deep business expertise, we benchmark your current processes against world-class capabilities, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, and define a streamlined business process. This process aligns your product development and merchandising calendars, enables collaboration with key trading partners and focuses event management on key pre-production and production milestones. As required, we redefine organizational roles and responsibilities to enable efficient management of your product development and sourcing processes. Taking into account your organization’s tolerance for change, we also collaborate with you to create an implementation approach and provide detailed training to your staff.

We help you document and prioritize the important functional requirements of your business, understand your current and future technology roadmap, and evaluate competitive solutions in the marketplace that meet your needs and align with your technology direction. Based on years of experience designing, configuring, and implementing retail PLM solutions, we make the process more efficient and better informed. Visit our Packaged Software Selection services page to learn more.

We provide project management, business process consulting, application consulting, and change management services to implement retail PLM solutions. We have experience and skills partnering with and implementing solutions from the major Retail PLM software providers in the marketplace. Visit our Packaged Software Implementation services page to learn more.

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