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Price Management

20 Dec

Price Management

Price ManagementPrice management is a process through which companies execut, plan and negotiate their price.We help retailers develop the capabilities to actively and effectively manage prices as part of the buying, merchandising and planning process. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Life Cycle Price Management
  • Price Book Definition
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Price Management Software Selection
  • Regular Price Optimization
  • Solution Implementation

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We help you develop the pricing process and implement price management systems to support your buying and merchandising processes.

Our Price Management Services include:

We can help your organization learn how to evaluate and plan for the lifecycle pricing of a product over time. This includes developing processes for evaluating product lifecycles to determine optimal markdown timing during the life of a product.

Our main aim is to help your buyers develop the capabilities to set and manage pricing strategies as part of their merchandising process. This includes teaching them about setting price breaks, developing simple good, better, best pricing strategies or developing sophisticated revenue optimization models.

MNBEC team is specialized in helping you set the basic foundation for your business. We understand how  pricing management is integrated across the business from merchandising to marketing to planning to vendor management. We work with you to define common pricing rules and establish a stable pricing management environment for your business.

Our team can help you evaluate and select the right tools and software to support price managing. In addition, we help design (or redesign) the business processes that standardize your approach to price management and decision making. Visit our Packaged Software Selection services page to learn more.

We provide project management, business process consulting, application consulting and change management services to implement price management software. Visit our Packaged Software Implementation  services page to learn more.If you want to get further information you can visit our Merchandising and Assortment Planning page.

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