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Merchandise and Assortment Planning

We provide deep domain expertise and practical experience in merchandise and assortment planning. We have expertise in the following planning domains:

  • Merchandise Financial Planning
  • Key Item Planning
  • Channel and Location Planning
  • Category Management
  • Channel and Location Clustering
  • Promotion Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Markdown Planning

We have worked with many of the Pakistan’s leading retailers to improve their processes, design the organization and roles, address strategic planning challenges, implement change and deploy planning solutions. Contact us to learn more about our approach and services


Buying and merchandising are a combined discipline of art and science. We believe great buying and merchandising stems from fully informed merchants working within an integrated and aligned organizational structure. These tools and structure enable the merchant to effectively evaluate, select, price, manage and optimize his or her portfolio of products and deliver on the company’s brand promise.

Our Buying and Merchandising Services include:

We facilitate the definition of your merchandising strategy by helping you assess market conditions, competitive trends, brand positioning and pricing strategy. We provide a proven template and process for developing the overall merchandising strategy reconciled to the bottom up category strategies with executive read-outs and coordinated with business and line reviews.

Over time, most retailers develop a variety of vendor terms that make it difficult to efficiently manage cash and train new buyers. We provide expertise in establishing a standard set of vendor terms, deploying these terms over time and training buyers on how to negotiate for the best terms with vendors.

We help you define a common process and set of tools for merchants to manage the business on a weekly and monthly basis. This includes defining a standard meeting cadence, meeting templates (e.g., weekly performance review) and roles & responsibilities to drive an effective open-to-buy process.

One of the most critical challenges for a Buyer is to optimally set the initial price for a product and manage the price of a product over its life. We provide services to educate Buyers on price lifecycle concepts, how to approach initial prices and how to optimally manage prices over time. We bring templates, process and expertise to enable all of your buyers to operate at an expert level. Visit our Price Management services page to learn more.

We help you analyze product performance and strategic fit against business objectives to determine the right mix of merchandise for the business. We balance performance with brand, regional, pricing and other strategic targets to establish the optimal population of SKUs.

We help you prioritize the important functional needs of your business and evaluate competitive solutions in the marketplace to meet your needs. The scope of merchandising software typically includes purchasing, financials, foundational data, price management and inventory management. Based on years of experience selecting and implementing core merchandising solutions, we expedite the process and help you be better informed when you make a critical business decision. Visit our Packaged Software Selection services page to learn more.

We provide project management, business process consulting, application consulting and change management services to implement merchandising software solutions. We have experience and skills in most of the major merchandising software providers in the marketplace. Visit our Packaged Software Implementation services page to learn more.