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Basic Three Ways to Increase Your Business “Productivity.”

19 Jan
increase business productivity

Basic Three Ways to Increase Your Business “Productivity.”

Following are the three basic ways to increase your business productivity. Is your agency struggling with productivity? Are your employees constantly failing to meet deadlines? If so, you’re not the only one who is experiencing such issues.

Believe it or not, various studies have shown that nearly 70% of U.S. workers are not properly engaged at work. Inefficiency occurs regardless of the size of your company and business. A recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has shed light on the fact that overall worker productivity is constantly decreasing. Even though the average number of working hours has gone up by 5.1% in the last year alone, the general sense of productivity has decreased by 1.8 percent. And, to make matters worse, many business owners don’t know how to work on this issue.

It’s time to start rethinking your entire agency structure and your operational processes. Here’s how I have optimized my agency’s workflow so that we successfully meet the needs and demands of all our clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Embracing The Culture Of A Five-Hour Workday

The eight-hour workday is a thing of the past, for which we can thank Robert Owen and the Ford Motor Company. As Stephan Aarstol mentions in Business Insider, it is no longer the optimal number of hours during which a human can concentrate and stay productive at his job.

I have seen firsthand that even though people spend eight hours at the office, five times a week, they’re only doing four-to-six hours of actual work, on average, during all that time. After reading Stephan’s story, I was inspired to evaluate my own workday and implement his model in my own agency. I pitched the idea to my partners, they liked it, so we immediately decided to set things in motion. And guess what? It worked.

By implementing a productivity-first mindset and eliminating unnecessary meetings, long lunch breaks and giving our employees the time to live their lives outside the office, we have turned our agency’s efficiency around.

All we had to do was go through our company’s workload and present our workers with a concept where output matters — not how many hours you sit behind your desk. Even though we’ve cut 15 hours from their workweek, everyone still has the same salary, which has naturally stimulated every single one of our employees to take our proposal seriously.

The five-hour workday has made our team a lot happier and more productive. It has also made our company attractive to the industry’s top talent because we nurture a healthy and flexible work philosophy.

Investing In Time-Saving Tools That Automate Boring Processes

The key to building a successful business boils down to enabling your team to do what they do best, without any unnecessary distractions or interruptions. You don’t want to see your talent wasting their valuable time on trivial things that don’t bring direct ROI to your business. If they’re less distracted and using the right technology more efficiently, your team can accomplish the same amount of work in far less time.

As the CEO of an SEO agency that employees 61 experts and works with more than 290 clients from all over the globe, I’m constantly challenged to get the most out of my team’s efforts and deliver stellar results to our clients in a timely fashion. In my experience, nothing helps a business thrive like using the right tools for the right kind of job.

I’m a technology person. Whenever I see a problem, I first ask myself: “Is there an app or a tool for that?” In most cases, you can find whatever you need with a simple Google or Product Hunt search. But if there isn’t already a solution for my problem online, I tend to develop one of my own. That’s how a few of my automation campaigns were born — out of sheer need.

Because we spend an insane amount of hours and resources looking for link building opportunities and creating intelligent, compelling reports for our clients, having tools that significantly speed up our essential processes has helped us elevate our game to a whole new level. Our records tell us that we have saved between two and three hours per month on reporting per client by having such tools at our disposal. Always invest in the right tools; it’s only a matter of time before you realize just how helpful they really are.

Investing In Behavior And Business Transformation Programs

Tools aren’t just technological. One of the most powerful sets of tools you can have in life includes the ability to set goals, focus, understand your actions, and control communication clearly and efficiently with everyone from your business circle. That’s why you should invest in personal development programs.

My company has attended the NLP Business Practitionerprogram, which has significantly helped us understand each other better and manage our thoughts, moods and behaviors more effectively. It has also helped us learn how to communicate in a way that’s great for our business and employees. After finishing the first module of the program, you could feel the change right away in the office.

Optimization is the backbone of every successful business. That’s why it’s always important to measure your efficiency in every aspect of your work. Successful business owners don’t just slave away at their screens and blindly follow other people’s routines. They work on their own and eliminate every toxic segment or situation from the equation. Even the smallest of changes, like buying a better coffee machine, can save you a bundle of time on a yearly basis and jumpstart your company’s productivity.

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