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Integrated Problem Solving Skills

The essential objective of this program is to take real life chronic issue, apply solving tools by building integrated problem-solving skills in the involved people. Later in this workshop, there will be an improvement plan related to that specific chronic issue and along with the individual’s capability enhancement.

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  • • Course Contents
    • 1 Historical data collection and analysis related to specific issue
    • 2 Understanding of problem frequency / intensity and its connection with company vision
    • 3 Application of 6W2H tool to refine the problem statement
    • 4 Cause and effect analysis (Man, Machine, Material & Method based)
    • 5 Verification of causes
    • 6 Root cause analysis (Y-Y Analysis)
    • 7 Action Planning
    • 8 Drafting of identified standard documents (JDs / SOPs / WI)
    • 9 Training of relative staff