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Performance Management Tool

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Performance Management Tool

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Are you looking for higher organization performance? We offer you our very own PMT (Performance Management Tool) a web based application. PMT allows managers to effectively manage individual and team tasks.

  • Performance evaluation helps in assessing the employee’s performance by comparing it with the company’s standard and providing them with the feedback to enhance productivity.
  • Essential for the decision making process and allows companies to review their progress about their future goals.
  • Cost reduction aids to increase the sales revenue by lowering the production cost and gain a competitive advantage by securing bigger market share.

Balanced Scorecard:

Enables to align the daily work and map out the projects, services and products. It provides feedback for the company and enables it to improve the company’s internal functions.

Communication Matrix:

Providing knowledge about how an individual is performing to achieve the communication goals. It allows you to communicate in an organized and effective way.


Notifies the users about certain events without forcing them to open the notification immediately.

Email Generation:

Automated email generation for the tasks assigned for an efficient action by the team allowing for smooth communication.

Action Tracking Sheet:

Action tracking sheet helps employees to track the actions that are assigned to them.

File Sharing:

Sharing data by providing access to authorized users by a certain password or code.