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MNBEC provide their Clients with state of the art consulting services in four core areas: Operating Margins, Asset Efficiency, Revenue Growth and Other Expectations around Company Strengths. Along with Core Consulting services we provide our clients with services around Supply Chain, Growth, Business Processes, Procurement, Innovation, Manufacturing & Sustainable Development in order to achieve Excellence in all these areas.

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Facilitating TNA will help in filling the gap between the employee’s training and the need of training. It will allow to set a benchmark for the evaluation of the training.
Balanced scorecard is used to identify and refine the internal activities of a business and their outcomes. Managers used this system to keep track of the employees.
Flow identification via virtual imaging used to sort out different problems. KPI Management monitors the company’s performance, it is used to increase the customer’s satisfaction improves employee’s morale and enhance company’s growth.
Provides real time sales data that helps in collecting the information and deliver it quickly. Customer invoices are essential for both the businesses and the clients, to keep the records of sales, money paid and outstanding.
Web application that helps to block ads on webpages and allows content filtering. Automated Email Notification enables to boost up the revenue of the business and reduce cost.
Automated task delegation helps delegated tasks to employees who are eligible to perform those tasks. Auto-generation of short forms helps in reading and understanding long contents easily.
Helps in Vendor Scheduling, a process in which the communication between the firm and the supplier is taken place for the required raw material as agreed.
Branch wise categorization of every department of an organization. Assign tasks and set goals accordingly. Statistical analysis is the process of gathering the data analyze it and then produce results.
Logging PM plans will help setting clear goals and objectives and to achieve those goals in the future. Record keeping of spare parts are essential to keep proper care of spare parts and keeping an eye on the critical parts.
Tracking machine production process allows an organization to be more accurate and efficient in their time and work. KPI’s of shift manager will help measuring the performance of the shift manager whether the required objective or goal is achieved or not.